Tips And Tricks To Grilling By Professional Chefs

These include hickory, mesquite, applewood, cherrywood, pecan wood, Brazilian pepper eucalyptus, green tea leaves etc. Most commonly used woods are maple wood & oak wood as these give out a great aroma and flavour to the meat.

If you have a gas grill, it’s easy to add wood chips or charcoal for grilling. If your food is already in the grill before adding these flavours, then just put them under the grate and close the lid. The flavour will slowly seep into your food as it cooks, making it extremely delicious! You can also use an aluminium pouch to seal up some of those small pieces of wood chips but make sure that there are no holes in this pouch when doing so.

Here are a few tips on grilling from some pros in the field.

Preparing the meat for grilling.
Preparing your meat for grilling early is important because it takes a good amount of time for it to cook. Marinade your meat with the right seasoning so you will have the best tasting meat possible. Different meats need different herbs, spices and seasoning, so you will need to know what each one is. For example, beef should be marinated in garlic, onion and salt while pork should be marinated in ginger, lemon grass, coriander leaves etc.

The different types of wood.
Understanding the different types of wood used for grilling is important because this will help you know which one to use with certain foods. For example, citrus fruits are best when paired with oakwood chips or chunks so they absorb all their flavors. Mesquite would work well with beef steak while it absorbs its natural juices very quickly giving your steaks a deep smoky flavor that people love! However not every type of meat can handle mesquite’s strong Smokey taste; fish doesn’t go well at all but chicken can pair nicely too if done subtly.

Prepping vegetables and sauces.
Vegetables and sauces are an important part of your grilled dish, but not all vegetables are made equal. Some need to be prepped before they can go on the grill while others don’t require any work at all! For example, eggplant has a very high-water content which will make it cause flare-ups if you plan using direct heat since that’s what most grills use for cooking meat and veggies alike. Instead of putting your oil or marinade directly onto your eggplant just brush it on after it comes off the grill so its flavor is preserved instead of being burnt by too much exposure to fire. It doesn’t matter how much practice you have with barbecuing meat just master grilling veggies first! They’re easy but tasty, especially when there is no grease involved.

As far as sauces go, there’s no wrong way to sauce up those tasty grilled meats but some pairings are definitely more classic than others. For instance, BBQ chicken wings taste better with a tangy BBQ sauce that’s not too spicy.

Cooking on a charcoal grill.
Charcoal grills can be quite tricky but offer a whole different flavor to meat. The trick is getting the coals right because if the heat it too high, your food will burn.

Cooking on a gas grill.
Gas grills are far easier to operate for your grilling work than charcoal grills and offer a bit more control. If you want to cook food faster and not risk charring it too much, then a gas grill may be the option for you.

Always preheat the grill.
Pre-heating your grill is important for two reasons. First, it allows the metal to heat up so that food does not stick while cooking. Second, pre-heating ensures your foods cook evenly on both sides of the grill. Grill temperature is crucial to grilling food. For meats, allow your steak or other meat to reach room temperature before placing it on a hot grill. This prevents uneven cooking and ensures that all parts of the meat are cooked evenly. It also allows for great flavors to be added into steaks as they cook due to “the maillard reaction” which occurs when sugars in foods caramelize at high temperatures.

Use a light coat of oil or cooking spray on both sides of meat to prevent sticking and ensure even cooking.

Applying a light coating of oil on the meat prior to grilling ensures the meat will not stick to the grill. This creates a more uniform cooking time, and results in even doneness of your steak or other meats.

Add marinade just before grilling for added flavor without reducing the meat’s natural juices. Marinate should be added to meat about 30 minutes before cooking.

Cook hot dogs over medium-high heat so they don’t burn on one side while remaining raw in other areas. This is because they typically cook in about a minute per side.

Grilling can be done during any season of the year, and is a favourite way to prepare food. If you are not sure how to use your grill or what types of food should go on it, ask an expert professional chef for advice. Cooking with grills has never been simpler. Before starting to grill however, make sure that you wear one of the best chef aprons you can find in the market, such a bib apron that covers your entire body. You never know when the heat might get too much to bear!